Why use Flourish?

Most direct sales companies do provide their team with some selling tools, usually not much more than Invoices and a Calendar. The truth is that these companies are in the business of SELLING, everything else comes in at a distant second. With Flourish our entire focus is to provide you with the absolute best business management tools for your direct sales business!

This is what separates us from the basic tools you already have:

  • The Dashboard: You get an interactive overlook at your entire business on one easy to use page.
  • Inventory Management: Our inventory management uses top of the line FIFO accounting that allows you accurate manage your inventory at all times. You can also track all of your Loans, Borrows, and Exchanges.
  • Contacts: This isn’t your average address book. You can manage your contacts social networks, inventory purchases, borrows, and exchanges. In addition you can also manage their family member’s information, that way you can remember all of those special dates like Birthdays and Anniversaries.
  • Expenses: You can track all of your business expenses such as gas, meals, office supplies, ect.. This really comes in handy during tax return season!
  • Mileage: You can add all of your vehicles to track the mileage you put on them while traveling for business purposes.
  • Reports: We offer 13 different completely customizable reports that can teach you about your businesses habits as well as come in handy during tax season.

Don’t just take our word for it, try Flourish out for yourself FREE for 30 days!