Creating, Breaking Up, Assembling a set.

To create a set start by creating the item number in your inventory by clicking on "Add a Custom Product." 

(If the product is already created, begin by clicking on the part number from the inventory list.)

While creating the product click "add contents." (If the product has already been created, find it in your product list, click on it's part number, click "Edit Product"  then choose "Add Contents.")

Now you can add each part of the set. Search by part number or browse your inventory.

When you browse you can click the little green plus sign at the end of each product you'd like to add to your set. 

When all the products are added click "done" then click "save."

Now it's time to break up and assemble a set. 

Find the product in your inventory list and click on it's part number. Then click on "Breakup/Assemble Set"

Choose either "break up" or "assemble" from the drop down menu and how many sets you'd like to change. Then click save. There is no need to change the part quantities. As always click "save" when you are finished. 

Your part quantities will change accordingly.