Tax info report

The tax info report is the most useful breakdown of all the information you enter into your Flourish account. The important thing to remember is the system only knows what you tell it. If you want great reporting you've got to have great record keeping. Let's get started. 

First, click on the "Reports" button from your dashboard bar then on "Tax info report." 

Next you'll need to choose the date range you're interested in by clicking the dropdown menu arrows and then click on "generate report."

Next view the report. The very bottom sections titled "Sales by item type" and "Purchase order by Section" is a breakdown of the above numbers. The total "retail sales income" will match the total row "sum." 

Where does the information on this report come from?

All the information in this report comes from other places in the application. 

Retail sales income, Sales tax collected and Shipping income are all generated from "paid" invoices created in the "Sales" section. 

Expenses come from both manually created accounts in the "Money" section of the application and from the creation of inventory orders. Some fields are defaults, like "Sales Tax," Wholesale orders" and "Shipping." Those will populate once information has been entered on inventory orders that are marked "paid." Other information like "babysitting" or "business attire" must be created by you in the "Money" section. "Sales by Item Type" is information generated from the invoices you create. It is a breakdown of each type of sale on each invoice. 

At the bottom of the report you will find "Purchase order by Section." This is a break down of the "Wholesale Orders" total in the expense section. There are two sections, "Retail" which refers to products you can sell and "Sales Aids." These are items you don't sell such as samples or catalogs.